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Subhuman's Sly Schemes: When Emails Paint a Different Picture

Bologna on 2023-09-07T01:04:00.000+02:00
by Angelo Reale
tags: people-management, leadership

In the concrete maze of a high-rise corporate building, Manager Subhuman reigned supreme. While her name was an unusual one, it seemed to reflect the uncanny ability she had to misunderstand and misrepresent situations. It was a unique 'talent'—taking snippets of 1:1 conversations and converting them into incriminating emails, sometimes used as evidence in performance reviews or, worse, justifications for termination.

One day, Jamie, a dedicated and hard-working employee, sought a private meeting with Subhuman. The recent loss of his father had left a vacuum in Jamie's life, and the emotional toll it took on him was evident. But in the sanctity of the manager's office, as Jamie's eyes welled up with tears, Subhuman, rather than offering a comforting word or empathetic gesture, seemingly took pleasure in belittling him further. It was a sight that would have made any onlooker cringe.

A week later, a department-wide email from Subhuman landed in everyone's inbox. Its contents? A distorted version of the meeting with Jamie, casting doubts over his commitment and using his moment of vulnerability as a potential mark against him for the upcoming performance review.

The office grapevine buzzed with whispers. Could a manager really be so cold-hearted? As colleagues rallied around Jamie, the consensus was clear—Subhuman's email games were far from a secret. Many had their own tales of misrepresented meetings and skewed narratives.

Word reached the upper echelons of the company. An investigation was launched, and the true extent of Subhuman's email manipulations came to light. Not only had she played with the sentiments of grieving Jamie, but she had been using her twisted email tactics on numerous occasions.

Conclusion: The Downfall of Deception

The aftermath saw Subhuman's managerial reign come to an end. But the story serves as a stark reminder—corporate culture thrives on trust, transparency, and empathy. Distorting truths, especially at the expense of someone's emotional well-being, can erode the very pillars on which healthy professional environments stand.

While the tale of Subhuman might be fictional, the underlying message is clear: Authenticity, understanding, and compassion are not just virtues but necessities in today's corporate world.