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Google Nest Aware and CCTV Filming: The Balance Between Cloud and Local Storage Solutions

Bologna on 2023-09-15T21:57:00.000+02:00
by Angelo Reale
tags: security, home, life-hacks

In today's world, safety and security are paramount, and the technology supporting these needs is constantly evolving. One such offering in the security tech world is Google Nest Aware. While it boasts excellent event detection and a 90-day lookback for those events, there are certain limitations that potential users should be aware of.

Limitations of Google Nest Aware:

1. 10-Day Lookback for 24/7 Footage:
The most notable limitation is the 10-day lookback for continuous 24/7 footage. For many, this might be adequate. However, for those who want extended access to their footage, this can be a limiting factor. What if you realize something is missing or that an incident occurred 11 days ago? The footage would be gone forever.

2. Cloud Dependence:
While cloud storage is great for accessibility and often redundancy, it's also reliant on a good internet connection and the company's servers. If there's a widespread server outage or if you experience connectivity issues, you might temporarily lose access to your footage.

A Simple Solution: Combining Technologies

Local Storage with Extended Lookback:
Enter the world of budget-friendly full HD CCTV cameras paired with a sizeable 18TB hard drive. This setup can store 24/7 footage and audio for an impressive duration of up to 1 year and 8 months. This immense lookback provides peace of mind and flexibility. Not only does it surpass Google Nest Aware's 10-day limitation for continuous footage, but it also ensures instant access and easy downloads.

The Best of Both Worlds:
For optimal results, a dual setup is recommended:

  • Cloud Solution for Redundancy:

    Using battery-powered WiFi cameras that automatically upload footage to the cloud ensures that even if a local storage device fails, your data is still safe. This is particularly useful in instances where local devices might be tampered with or stolen.

  • Local Storage for Extended Lookback:

    As already discussed, having a local storage solution ensures that users have an unusually long lookback period and can access footage instantaneously.

Power and Internet Redundancy – The Ultimate Reliability Booster

Having an extended lookback is fantastic, but what if power or internet goes down? This is where the system can truly shine. Implementing dual internet lines from different ISPs, using varied infrastructures, can ensure a stable and continuous connection. Additionally, having a 4G/5G failover mechanism acts as an extra safety net, ensuring your security system remains operational even if primary connections are interrupted.


While Google Nest Aware has its strengths, particularly in event detection, the 10-day limit on continuous footage can be a significant drawback for some. By integrating a simple, affordable HD CCTV camera and a large storage HDD, users can extend their footage history and bolster their security. In the end, a combination of both cloud and local storage solutions provides the most comprehensive, fail-safe, and flexible system for home or business security needs.