I'm Angelo Reale.

I make software at Arc.dev and art at DreamPip.

I used to make software for,
MongoDB, Verisk, Honda, Uber, Braskem and Noema Magazine.

I might be open for new opportunities,
and you can find my CV here.

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(NSFW) Here's a bit of my Mind.

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Sweet Deception: The Art and Strategy of Honey Pots in Cybersecurity

Explore the strategic use of honeypots in cybersecurity, safeguarding assets by enticing attackers into decoy systems, thus enabling proactive threat analysis and prevention in the digital realm.


Holistic Design in AI: How UX Enhancements Can Optimize Both Frontend and Backend

Explore the synergy between intuitive design and backend optimization, from facets and pagination to predictive text in AI. Discover how smart UX decisions enhance user interactions and streamline system performance.


A Nerd’s Guide to Military Strategy: Top 10 Must-Reads

Delve into a personal journey influenced by a father’s ties to Brazil’s ABIN, leading to a deep passion for military strategy. Discover the top 10 seminal works that every strategy enthusiast should read.


Why I Ditched Headphones: An Audiophile's Perspective

Discover why one audiophile ditched headphones for a unique speaker system, prioritizing ear health without compromising the love for music. Find harmony in constant melodies without disturbing the peace.


Google Nest Aware and CCTV Filming: The Balance Between Cloud and Local Storage Solutions

Uncover Google Nest Aware's CCTV filming limits and the benefits of HD CCTV cameras with local storage. Learn how blending cloud and on-site storage offers superior security solutions.


Understanding FedRAMP: Requirements and Implications for Organizations

Dive into the essentials of FedRAMP: a key U.S. government program ensuring cloud security. Discover its importance, what it demands from organizations, and the implications of obtaining its certification.


Whistleblower Protections, Employment Rights, and Criminal Law: The Importance of Knowing the Law in the United States and Italy

Explore some critical whistleblower protections, employment rights, and criminal laws in the United States and Italy. Understand their significance in promoting transparency, ensuring workplace justice, and upholding societal values.


Corporate Shadows: The Rise of the Sneaky Toppings Gang

Discover the Sneaky Toppings gang's corporate infiltrations. This gripping tale delves into sabotage, manipulation, and the battle for integrity in the business realm.


Dark Designs: July Wildry's Perilous Perception

Delve into the dark tale of July Wildry's dangerous misconceptions at 'Ethereal Enterprises'. A chilling reminder of the grave consequences of ambition overshadowing empathy and understanding in the corporate realm.


Agent Smith's Secrets: A Tale of Unchecked Power

Dive into the tale of Agent Smith's manipulation using unauthorized PHI at 'NeoTech Corp'. A stark reminder of the crucial role trust plays in corporate culture and the dangers of unchecked power dynamics.


Subhuman's Sly Schemes: When Emails Paint a Different Picture

Explore the tale of Manager Subhuman's deceptive emails and the repercussions of misrepresenting private meetings. A story underscoring the value of trust, transparency, and empathy in the corporate realm.


Rockabilly's Rumble: Gaslighting in the Corporate Jungle

Delve into the humorous tale of Rockabilly, the corporate master of gaslighting, and discover the profound impact of toxic behaviors on company culture and employee well-being.


The Deployment Dilemma: Advocating for Security in the Face of Resistance

Exploring the security risks of direct-to-production deployment pipelines. Navigating management skepticism and advocating for best practices in the digital age. Balancing agility with safety in tech.


Beyond the Hype: The True Hallmarks of Software Mastery

Delving into software development mastery beyond buzzwords. Debunking 'smart code' myths, judicious use of currying, and discerning deep expertise from tool familiarity. Discover what truly defines a seasoned developer.


The Birth of a New Era: AI-Powered Spouses

Delving into AI-powered spousal bonds, we explore the emotional, ethical, and potential challenges of intimate human-AI ties. A journey into the future of love and technology.


Rethinking Databases: The Surprising Utility of Google Calendar

Explore the innovative use of Google Calendar as a structured database. Dive into a curated cultural agenda for Bologna and discover the city's hidden gems.


The Role of NLP in Monitoring Zoom Calls to Detect Twisted Language and Mob Speak

As remote work via platforms like Zoom grows, so do covert malicious activities using coded language. NLP can offer real-time detection of these anomalies, but balancing security with privacy is crucial.


The Hidden Dangers of Malicious Contributors and How to Safeguard Your Organization

Guard against malicious contributors: risks of code sabotage, eroding trust, and leadership manipulation. Prioritize audits, communication, and vetting. Stay vigilant.


From Music Festivals to Software Engineering: The Delicate Dance of Processes

Exploring the balance between structure and spontaneity in iconic festivals and software projects. Learn how Woodstock, Burning Man, and tech realms underscore the art of harmonizing processes.


Why, How, and When Security Matters: Understanding Supply Chain Attacks

Understanding the urgency of digital security, this post explores the significance of protection against supply chain attacks. In an interconnected world, proactive security measures safeguard data and trust continuity. The time to act is now, not later.


Learning: Setting up my own livestream server and media server

It's like having my own radio's private YouTube at low cost.


A bit of my history in tech at MongoDB Podcast #166

I was recently invited by Shane from MongoDB to share some of my history and a couple of nice stories about how I grew up surrounded by tech and managed to land a full time job at MongoDB while trying to help making the world a better place.


Store Push Notification keys on a React Native app at no cost using MongoDB App Services (Custom HTTP Endpoints from Data API) and Cloudflare Workers

How can I store unique push notification keys that users generate on their own devices for sending push notifications to them at a low cost? Or better yet, at no cost?