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Angelo began using Linux at a very early age; Learning how to program and to develop UIs for data manipulation in Qt while still very young; Angelo then began autonomously learning and programming for web at the age of 16 (around the time he has joined a C-sound and Pure Data study group in the university); He had also the opportunity to study Telecommunications Systems Engineering for 2 years at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, with notable skills in Calculus, Object Oriented Programming, Networks, and Interface Engineering;

Currently, Angelo Reale is a Senior Full Stack Developer at Jüssi, an Ogilvy/WPP Group company, which happens to be the largest advertising group in the world, with yields that surpass 16 billion dollars a year. Jüssi has leading clients such as Über, Itaú, Honda and Whirlpool.

Previously, Angelo Reale was a Full Stack Developer at teeWe Technology Solutions Ltda., a local authority in IT systems for the energy and oil industries, with leading clients such as Odebrecht, Petrobras and Braskem.

In all these years, Angelo Reale has already worked with international organizations such as the United Nations, multinationals like Material ConneXion and Samsung, media agencies, political parties, NGO's such as United Religions Initiative and My Mind My Funk in Kenya, 5-star hotels such as Fiesta Bahia, several cultural entities worldwide, as well as managers of all kinds and business areas.

Resilient, quick-witted, detail-oriented, thoughtful and with abundant charisma, Angelo Reale possesses a notable capability of managing projects as well as relationships with colleagues, partners, suppliers and clients. Beyond that, Angelo is constantly seeking for new opportunities to cooperate with other talented people in order to imprint a positive impact to mankind's heritage.

Contact Details

Angelo Reale
418 Rua Funchal, CJ3501C
São Paulo, SP 04551060 BR

+55 71 99316-0590


Managing Partner & Full Stack Developer

at Reale Brothers Software Development Ltd.(Worldwide) 2009 — Present

Front End web development with HTML5, CSS3, React + Redux, Javascript ES6, jQuery and Bootstrap. Back End Development with PHP, Node.js. CMS with headless/ful Drupal and Wordpress. Working with clients in London (Threads Radio), Netherlands (Alameda Brazil), Italy (Material ConneXion and Samsung), Greece (Desfilms), Ireland (Eureka Artists), Brazil (Fiesta Bahia Hotel), etc.

Remote Sr. Front End Developer

at GoodFolk Agency LLC(Chicago, Illinois) 2020 — Present

Remote Sr. Front End Developer

at Journy(New York) 2019 — 2020

Front End web development with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript ES6 , React 16 , Gatsby, Ghost CMS, Vue.js, Vuex, Stylus, Sass/SCSS, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails.

Sr. Front End Developer

at teeWe(Rio de Janeiro/Salvador) 2018 — 2019

Front End development with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Razor and Bootstrap. Data Science with Python, VBA/Microsoft Access and SQL. Back End Development with .NET MVC 6 and C#. Cloud computing with AWS EC2, S3, Oracle, Aurora and VPC. Worked under several Braskem contracts.

Sr. Front End Developer

at Jüssi - The Business Agency(São Paulo) 2019 — 2019

Jüssi is an Ogilvy/WPP group company with leading clients such as Uber, Itaú, Honda and Whirlpool. I'm responsible for both Front End and Back End web development using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript ES6, jQuery, React, Twig, Gulp and Webpack. CMS and back end with Drupal 8 and PHP.

Jr. Front End Developer

at Piratenpartei Deutschland(Berlin) 2013 — 2014

Front End web development with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery. Back End maintenance with PHP. CMS with Drupal. Developed a social network for the 100% Tempelhofer Feld campaign. Our campaign was successful with an approval by 65,7% of the German lower congress.

IT & Media Assistant

at United Nations Information Service(Salvador) 2010 — 2010

Releasing press updates for the 12th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice using HTML and CSS, as well as monitoring audiovisual streams using Adobe Media Encoder.


A. D. in Systems' Analysis and Development

at Salvador University (Salvador) 2018 — Present

Specialization in Full Stack Development with React

at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Online) 2018 — Present

B. Sc. in Telecommunications Systems Engineering

Incomplete at Polytechnic University of Catalunya (Barcelona) 2010 — 2012


Certificate with Honours in Server-side Development with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB

at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Online) 2018 — 2019

Credential ID: ZTTARD2M2W5B

Certificate in Front End Web Development with React

at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Online) 2019 — 2019

Credential ID: G6QA86LEKMLY

Certificate of English Proficiency

at Cambridge University (Berlin) 2014 — 2014

Credential ID: 145DE7035008

Big Data and Social Physics

at MITx (Online) 2014 — 2014

Credential ID: 589e8fea7af14855a1c73aa690fdf299



Javascript ES6





















Linux (Ubuntu)


UI/UX Design











Partners Testimonials

  • Working with Angelo Reale has enhanced me with a solid learning through his expertise in Node.js applied to new web development technologies such as React; thanks to Angelo, I could rethink my work paradigm, forcing me to step out of my comfort zone, reflecting over my current relationship with emerging knowledges, in order to embrace new trending technologies such as DevOps integrated with Gitlab CI/CD Pipelines and infrastructure Dockerization.

    Antonio Leonardo, Systems Analyst at teeWe Technology Solutions Ltd.
  • Angelo is quick-witted, self-taught, critical minded, trustworthy and honest. I would fiercely recommend him for any position that partakes responsibility and commitment.

    Victor Edouard Aouizerat, General Manager of Piratenpartei Deutschland Fraktion Neukölln.

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